Different Roofing Materials and Their Lifespan

Different Roofing Materials and Their Lifespan

Roofs are one of the most important parts of the house, and your choice of roof makes a huge difference when it comes to saving money on energy bills. On top of that, an intelligent choice of roof gives you an extended life span along a good-looking roof.

In this blog, we will give you a detailed breakdown of the various types of roofs and how long they last. We will also talk about how hiring a roofing contractor Redding for Spray foam roofing, can help with increasing the lifespan of your roof along with other benefits.

Top 5 Best Roofing Materials

1. Tar and Gravel Roofing

Flat or low-slope commercial roofs commonly use tar or gravel. This material for roofing is a cost-effective and straightforward method for water drainage. Gravel roofs are typically found on commercial or larger buildings, as flat roofs on single-family homes are quite rare. Known as built-up roofs (BURs), the gravel is embedded into or placed on the final asphalt layer to shield the roof from harsh weather conditions.

Lifespan – Roofs made of Tar and Gravel can last for 20 to 25 years, based on the type of weather they have to deal with.

2. Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing may not be the most attractive option, but it excels in durability and affordability. If you don’t mind its simple appearance, it can be an excellent choice due to its long lifespan. Maintenance of these roofs is generally minimal, with repainting required only every 10-12 years.

Rubber roofs are often made from recycled materials and require less energy to produce compared to other roofing options. Additionally, they are fully recyclable when they reach the end of their life.

The best part about rubber roofing is that it can be easily patched up if there is a picture leading to leaks.

Lifespan – Rubber roofing technology is improving consistently, and as a result, these roofs are now frequently rated to last at least 50 years on the high-end.

3. Composite Roofing

Composite roofing closely resembles wood shakes or shingles, offering a hybrid blend of several common roofing materials. This combination gives it a unique advantage.

One of the benefits of composite roofing is its durability, with most materials coming with warranties ranging from 30 to 50 years. Additionally, composite roofing is available in a wide array of colors, adding to its appeal.

Another advantage is that composite roofing can be eco-friendly. Its long lifespan and the fact that it’s often made from recycled materials make it a good choice for those concerned about the environmental impact of roofing materials. Though it isn’t as natural as wood shakes or metal roofs, composite roofing remains a solid environmentally-conscious option.

Lifespan – The durability of this shingle depends on your budget. Cheaper options won’t last as long as pricier ones. Generally, depending on the type and quality of the composite, you can expect them to last anywhere from 15 to over 50 years. With an extra layer of Spray Foam Roofing, your roof can last even longer and protect your roof.

4. Tin Roofing

Tin roofing consists of steel sheets coated with tin. This type of roofing is extremely durable and, with proper maintenance, can last as long as other similar materials. The cost of tin roofing varies widely, largely depending on your building type and roof slope. A drawback of tin roofs is that they require a protective coating to be reapplied every 5-7 years.

Lifespan – With proper maintenance, most tin roofs can last around 40 years but may last even longer.

5. Metal Roofing

Metal roofs have gained popularity recently due to their longevity and cost efficiency. Commonly found on farms, storage facilities, and larger commercial buildings, metal roofing is now also frequently seen in residential areas. Known for its exceptional durability, this roofing option is fully recyclable and can often be repainted rather than replaced.

Lifespan – Although these roofs are advertised as being able to last a lifetime with the right maintenance, they typically come with a 50-year warranty. If you want to make your roofs last even longer, you can hire roofing companies in redding who offer spray Foam Roofing services.

Spray Foam Roofing For an Extra Layer of Protection

Spray Foam Roofing is one of the best materials that you can apply on your roof to make your roof more energy efficient and protect your roof from UV rays, hail, and strong wind damage. In addition to that, your roof lasts longer and requires less maintenance and insulation costs.

Here are some other lesser-known pros of Spray Foam Roofing –

  • Spray foam has a high R-value, which means it has better insulation.
  • It helps maintain indoor air quality by limiting air pollutants
  • Minimizes building movement and thermal shock by positioning insulation outside
  • Ideal for cold, tropical, subtropical, and desert climates
  • Foam roofs are renewable roofing systems, which means you can add an extra layer every 7-10 years.

Want to Improve The Life Span of Your Existing Roof? Try Spray Foam Roofing System

No matter which roofing material you have, if you want to improve the insulation of your house and the life span of your roof, Polyurethane spray roofs should be your top choice. Our experienced team of roofing contractor Redding at Foam Experts Co., can transform your roof for the better with the help of advanced polyurethane foam roof services. Whether you are in Redding or nearby, we will improve the durability and energy efficiency of your commercial and industrial roof. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and upgrade your roof’s performance!