Industrial Roofing Services in Redding, CA

A poorly insulated warehouse can interrupt your operations, increase your overhead costs and affect your workforce. That’s why the roofing contractors at Foam Experts Co. offer reliable and high-quality spray foam roofing and insulation services.

Spray foam decreases your monthly energy bills, protects your property from weather damage, boosts workplace productivity, and can last indefinitely. For more information about how spray foam can make your business more efficient, call our team today.

Industrial Roofing

Spray Foam Roofing and Insulation for Your Warehouse, Campus or Facility

There are many benefits of installing urethane foam on your roof or in your walls. Energy bills have been shown to decrease by as much as 50%; the airtight seal that is formed shields against molds, weather and moisture; it soundproofs your structure, requires minimal maintenance, is easy to repair and lasts indefinitely.

Make the Most of Your Investment

Foam Experts Co. has over 30 years of experience helping business, industrial and commercial property owners manage their overhead costs so you can focus on what matters – efficient operations that delight your customers. We offer professional spray foam insulation and roofing services that support your goals, are tailored to your budget and do not interrupt your scheduling requirements.

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Industrial Roofing

Productivity. Continuous Improvement. Lean Workflow

Efficient workplaces with comfortable temperatures and protection against molds and airborne disease boost productivity, impact your bottom line and foster a positive workplace atmosphere. Moreover, spray foam helps maintain sanitation that keeps your employees healthy and reduces sick days and outbreaks.

We Serve You

Since 1983, we have served our local communities around Redding, Chico, Woodland, and Yreka. Our customers include school districts, commercial spaces, government buildings, retail locations, warehouses and production facilities, industrial sites, hotels, restaurants, and even water park slides. When it comes to fulfilling your roofing needs, whether it's for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes, you can count on us to be your reliable local roofing company.