Residential Roofing in Redding, CA

The Savings Are Endless

At Foam Experts Co., we pride ourselves on using the most innovative and effective technology to seal your roof and insulate your home. As a qualified roofing company, we specialize in the spray foam techniques that add value to your property and significantly reduce your monthly energy bill.


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Do You Need a Spray Foam Roof?

Urethane foam can be applied to almost any roofing material and is perfect for irregular or difficult-to-reach surfaces. Most homeowners will notice an immediate decrease in their monthly energy bill the very first month after installation.

Moreover, spray foam roofing requires minimal upkeep, and repairs are easy. It is lighter when compared with other roofing materials and therefore reduces stress on your house or mobile home. The lifespan for spray foam is also indefinite: urethane foam is an investment that will save you money and hassle for the life of your home.

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Spray Foam Insulation Reduces Your Energy Bill

Foam insulation can save you up to 50% on your monthly energy bill. Not only does it soundproof and weather-proof your walls with a rigid, airtight seal, but it also discourages mold buildup by creating a synthetic, unwelcoming environment for bacteria, mold and other causes of disease.

And the best thing is that spray foam does not degrade over time. Your foam insulation will last the lifespan of your home, saving you money every month forever.

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Protect Your Deck With High-Quality Sealant

Our team of professionals will also seal your home deck areas and wooden structures. We help you make the most of your investment and extend the lifespan of your deck with high-quality sealants and coatings that are made to withstand Northern California’s temperature swings, rain and snow. Save yourself money by avoiding deck repairs or premature replacement and give our team a call today.

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