Signs that It’s Time for a Flat Roof Replacement

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Commercial buildings almost always choose flat roofs over slanted roofs in Redding, California. These flat commercial roofing redding have a lot of advantages and also give a modern and sleek appearance to your building. 

Hidden behind these advantages and good looks, flat roofs do come with their own set of issues. If you are worried about your flat roof, look for these obvious signs that will tell you that it needs to be replaced roofer in redding immediately. 

Water collecting on a flat roof

Water collecting on flat roofs is more common than you think and can quickly become a big problem. Because flat roofs don’t have much slope, water doesn’t drain off properly.

If you notice water gathering on your roof after rain, it’s a sign to get it checked. There are products available that can help improve the slope of your roof, but it’s best to act before the problem gets worse.

When water sits on a flat roof, it can lead to structural damage. It’s important to have a professional inspect the roof to see if the damage caused by pooling water can be fixed before it becomes too severe and requires a complete roof replacement.

Visible signs of roof damage

Flat roofs aren’t like sloped roofs with shingles, so spotting damage isn’t always obvious. You might see tears or holes in the roof material.

Ignoring this damage can make it worse, especially at the seams. If the roof seam tears, it could lead to major leaks that affect the building’s structure.

Small tears can usually be patched up, but if the damage is big, you might have to redo the whole top part of the roof.

The Flashing is Coming Loose

No matter if it’s a house or a store, every building needs flashing on its roof. This part of the roof helps to keep water out, covering up any spots where it could sneak in.

When the seams in the flashing start to come apart, it can lead to big problems. Check to see if the flashing on your flat roof feels loose or if it’s flapping around in the wind.

Spotting issues with flashing early on can save you a lot of trouble and money compared to replacing the whole roof. If you wait too long to fix it, you might have to replace both the flashing and the entire roof.

Water Spot damage

If you notice water spots on your ceiling, it’s a big deal no matter what type of roof you have. Sometimes, these spots are caused by moisture from your air conditioning system.

But if you see large or heavily discolored water spots, it’s a sign that your roof might be in trouble. For most roofs, big water spots on the ceiling mean there’s a leak somewhere.

Inspect your roof carefully to find the source of the leak. It’s usually a good idea to get a roofing contractor Redding to check it out. They can tell you if the leak can be fixed or if you’ll need a whole new roof.

Problem with the Protective Membrane

Instead of using shingles, many flat roofs have a special layer called a membrane to shield them from water. But as time goes on, this membrane might not do its job well enough.

If you live in a windy area, your roof’s membrane could even come loose completely. Watch out for signs like the rubbery layer flapping around in the wind. If you spot this, it’s time to get your roof checked out.

The good news is, in most cases, fixing the membrane doesn’t mean you need a whole new roof. A local roofing company can often reapply it without much fuss. So, don’t panic it might be a quick fix rather than a big overhaul for your flat roof.

Issues with Roof Coating

Certain flat roofs are covered with a white coating. This white coating helps make the building more energy efficient and offers a lighter alternative.

However, as time passes, this coating may develop cracks. If you notice cracks on your roof coating without using any tools, it’s important to take action promptly.

Typically, flat commercial roofing redding with this coating lasts about 15 years. If your roof is older, keep an eye out for any cracks to ensure timely repairs.

Loose Fasteners on Flat Roofs

When a single-ply flat roof is put in place, it’s held down with fasteners to make sure everything stays put, like the membrane and other roof materials. Over time, these fasteners can start to wiggle loose because of things like weather changes and just getting older.

If you’re noticing your flat roof doesn’t look quite smooth anymore, it might be because those fasteners aren’t as tight as they should be. But the good news is, an expert roofer in redding can easily fix this by tightening them back up or securing them better.

It’s important not to brush off loose fasteners because if they’re not holding things down properly, water could seep through and cause damage to your roof.


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